1. Teri Hatcher Was Abused By Her Uncle

The “desperate housewife,” Teri Hatcher revealed in an interview for Vanity Fair that as a child she was a victim of sexual abuse win 2006. The nightmare all started with her uncle raping her when she was five. This, however, wasn’t a one-time incident, he continued molesting her until she reached the age of eight. Back then, Teri Hatcher was made to believe it was her fault and like most abused kids, she didn’t dare to speak about the assaults for years and told no one. When she was finally ready, she shared the most painful memories, “He’d pull over in some deserted parking lot and do things to me. I feel such shame, because it felt like I was special. I was being paid special attention to, told how fabulous I was… I didn’t like looking at him ejaculate; I didn’t want to touch it. These are haunting things I’ve remembered all my life.”