1. Natalie Dormer

Anyone that’s ever watched Game of Thrones knows that you definitely have to be prepared for an abundance of skin throughout the show. But if you think you’re only going to see females, think again. In fact, it’s that gender equality that helped make Natalie Dormer so pleased when she had to bare it all on screen.

“There’s plenty of male exposure in Game of Thrones, too. Sex is part of life, ergo it’s part of art. If you’re representing real life, then you will represent sex,” she said in a past interview.

When Natalie Dormer was also asked about if her 16-year-old self would be ashamed that she’s shown it off so often, Natalie Dormer responded, “If I can pay the bills doing the job I love, my 16-year-old self would be very content with that. But, of course, your ambitions change.”

Natalie Dormer might not be showing up in Westeros any time soon, but at least the option of seeing her take off her dress remains a high possibility in the near future.