2,550 US citizens applied for asylum in Canada in 2017. That’s more than 6 times as many as in 2016

(CNN)The number of US citizens seeking refuge in Canada skyrocketed last year.

Exactly 2,550 Americans applied for asylum in Canada in 2017, according to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. That’s more than a sixfold increase from the 395 Americans who applied in 2016.
It’s believed that the hard-line immigration policies of President Donald Trump have fueled the increase in the number of Americans fleeing to Canada

New questions emerge over FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

(CNN)The White House is fighting to regain control of the confirmation of Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, but a controversy is widening over its role in an FBI investigation into allegations against the nominee of sexual assault and misconduct.

New signs emerged Sunday that the administration is taking steps to make sure the probe is narrow and focused — as Republicans seek to forestall further delays to the confirmation process or another erosion of the judge’s position.
So while President Donald Trump may have been forced to reopen an FBI background check on Kavanaugh, it is clear he is determined to get the process back on track in a strategy already inflaming partisan discord over the nomination.
A swift investigation by the FBI — should it produce no new information about Kavanaugh’s past that hurts his chances — could permit Republicans to fire up the machinery of the Senate and potentially call procedural votes to advance the nomination by the end of the week.

Physical Activity is the key

Physical activity is key to improving the health of the Nation. Based on the latest science, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans is an essential resource for health professionals and policymakers that provides recommendations on how everyone can improve their health through regular physical activity. Learn ways to help people understand the benefits of physical activity and how to make it a part of their regular routine.

food and nutritioin

Food and nutrition play a crucial role in health promotion and chronic disease prevention. Every 5 years, HHS and USDA publish the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Nation’s go-to source for nutrition advice. The latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines reflects the current body of nutrition science, helps health professionals and policymakers guide Americans to make healthy food and beverage choices, and serves as the science-based foundation for vital nutrition policies and programs across the United States.

food, supplements and a first triathlon

(CNN)While training for my first triathlon at the age of 48, I began to wonder what I could do from a nutrition standpoint to optimize both my training and my race day performance.

As a nutrition doctor, I know a lot about diet and disease treatment and prevention, but beyond the basics, I didn’t know if there was a diet or supplements that could help (or hinder) my progress.
To get some answers, I reached out to Elizabeth Broad, senior sports dietician for the US Olympic Committee and Jose Antonio, founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Diet versus supplements

Broad explained that even at the elite athlete level, she always takes the food-first approach to nutrition. She assured me that by eating a healthy and balanced diet, including eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and adequate amounts of high quality protein including dairy, meat, fish, chicken and eggs, most athletes could get everything that they needed for both training and competing from their diet without turning to supplementation.